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Paw prints Biz cardRebecca Golian of Golian Eventing

Rebecca grew up in Frederick County Maryland. After graduating from college with a degree in Psychology Rebecca opened her own business and began training and competing internationally as a sponsored professional athlete in the equestrian sport of Three-Day Eventing.

Outside of horses Rebecca has always loved working with dogs. In her early years as a child she received much of her education from her mother who has a PhD in Animal Behavior. During high school Rebecca began rehabbing local shelter dogs in an effort to find them loving homes. During college Rebecca became actively involved with The Seeing Eye. Rebecca was certified as a puppy raiser and trainer under their organization and has raised several dogs for them. Her responsibility was to take each puppy at 7 weeks of age and raise/train them until 15 months and prepare them for their guide work when they returned to The Seeing Eye headquarters in New Jersey. Rebecca has decided to continue working for The Seeing Eye and has accepted a position as an Apprentice Instructor. She will train for two years and will become a certified guide dog trainer. Her responsibilities include training the dogs to become safe & effective guides and she will also teach visually impaired students how to utilize a guide dog. Rebecca uses many of her skills for this position and gets great pleasure out of working with service dogs and improving her students’ independence and quality of life.

In addition to her work training dogs for The Seeing Eye Rebecca worked as the head dog trainer/behaviorist for a pet boutique on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. It was in this position where Rebecca gained much of her experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and temperaments. Rebecca specialized in puppy development work and behavior modification for dogs with severe behavior issues. She now continues to offer her services in Manhattan.

Rebecca believes in positive reinforcement training while also utilizing her knowledge in canine behavior. She believes that understanding dog behavior and pack leadership training has helped her rehabilitate the most difficult dogs. Dogs respond to Rebecca’s correct use of body language, energy and reinforcement. Rebecca feels that each dog is unique and therefore each dog requires a unique way of being handled and cared for.

Outside of working with dogs Rebecca is also active in the fitness industry and works part-time as a freelance Marketing Director & Personal Trainer for a small fitness company in NYC. She is also an active obstacle course runner (Tough Mudder and Spartan Races) She believes exercise is a key component of living a healthy and happy life for both people and dogs.

For more information about Rebecca’s training philosophies and a list of services please visit her website or contact her via email.

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