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Host Rules

  • Make sure your property meets government safety regulations for your area (ex: International Building Code)
  • Have functioning smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors as required by your local laws
  • Provide a functioning fire extinguisher, and complete required maintenance
  • Clearly mark a fire escape route, and post a map in your home
  • Remove any hazards that might cause guests to trip or fall, or mark these areas clearly
  • Remove or lock up any objects that may be dangerous
  • Fix any exposed wires
  • Make sure stairs are safe and have railings
  • Make sure your home is properly ventilated and that temperature control is clearly marked and functional so guests know how to safely use the heater
  • Show guests how to lock doors or windows, and how to use your plumbing system
  • Document safe practices for using all your amenities in your House Rules
  • Go through your property regularly to make sure all safety precautions are up to date and in accordance with local safety laws and regulations