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How do I update my services?

  • You can schedule service on-line by logging into Pet Check and selecting Calendar.
  • You can also schedule or cancel any services by calling or texting Tiana at 917-733-3008, or by emailing

How do I log in to Pet Check?

  • All new clients are issued a login name and password.
  • You can login directly at
  • If you are a current client who can’t login, please give us a call so we can correct the issue.

What are the benefits of using Pet Check?

  • You will receive a GPS map of the route your walker took your dog.
  • You will receive emails the moment a walker begins care and the moment they conclude care. You also receive a note from the walker about how the walk went.
  • You can schedule services for your regular walker online in Pet Check’s digital calendar.

What is Pet Check?

  • Pet Check is an application installed on the phones of all of our walkers.
  • Pet Check is also a website, that allows our clients to see a history of when and where their pet was taken care of.
  • Every Client is issued a unique magnetic QR code that stays in the home along with log-in information to the Pet Check website.
  • Each time a walker begins or ends a service, a QR code is scanned. Once scanned, a note is sent regarding the time spent with the dog(s).